Bitcy Limited Bounty Campaign

In order to support the launch of Bitcy Limited we have decided to create Bounty campaign. This campaign gives you a chance to receive more than $200 a day by performing few simple actions.

Mandatory conditions

To achieve the goals of the campaign and to earn money for it, you must meet simple mandatory conditions.


Bitcy Bounty Program



Repost only news which have a hashtag #bitcynews from the official page of the company.
The bounty is 0.00025 BTC for each news item.


Record a video review about Bitcy and place it on a popular media portal. In the description under the video, you must attach your referral link.
The bounty is from 0.00025 to 0.05 BTC.

Video review

Set your account signature to "Earn hourly together with Bitcy Limited" (with your referral link) on the cryptocurrency-related forums (such as, etc.)
The bounty is 0.00075 BTC for each forum.
To get signature rewards, you need at least 20 posts written per week.

Set the Bitcy Limited logo as your personal account avatar on social networks or on a relevant forum. In social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, you must necessarily add your referral link in the description to the profile photo.
The bounty is 0.00125 BTC per week for each social network or forum.
The avatar must be displayed continuously for a week. In case of non-observance of the conditions, no bounty is awarded.

Signature campaign Download logotype

Place the company’s banner on your personal website for one week.
The bounty is from 0.0025 to 0.5 BTC, depending on the traffic of your website.


Write an objective comment about the company containing at least 4 words under the news which have a hashtag #bitcynews on the official pages on Facebook and Twitter.
The bounty is 0.000025 BTC for each comment.



* To meet the goals in social networks Facebook or Twitter the account must be created more than 3 months ago. The number of friends must exceed 100. In the description of your account, you must attach your referral link.

* For each news the bounty is awarded for the first 10 objective comments to one post maximum.

* To receive a bounty for placing a banner on a site, your site must be on a personal domain (subdomains must not be used) and be active: traffic - from 1000 unique users per month.

Bounty awards

After completing the task fill in a simple form. Your data will be added to the table for verification by our staff. The bounty is awarded within 1-7 days, provided that the task is completed correctly. If your activities fail to meet our conditions, the bounty will not be afforded; the reason for denial will be specified in the “Bounty Results” table.

Results list