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Bounty program is an opportunity to get Bitcoins for free by performing simple actions aimed at popularizing the platform.

Hurry up! The first 1500 participants get bonuses: 500 people who submitted requests after reposting news in Facebook, 500 - in Twitter and 500 in VK.

To achieve the goals and get paid for it, you must fulfill the required conditions.

Mandatory conditions


VK campaign

Make a repost of the news from our official VK page to your personal page.
The bounty is 0.0001 BTC for each news item.

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* Your VK account must be created more than 3 months ago.

* The number of friends must exceed 300.

* In the description of your account you must attach your referral link.

* Your account and posts should be publicly available.


After completing the task fill in the appropriate form. Your data will be added to the table for verification by our staff. The bounty is awarded within 1-7 days, provided that the task is completed correctly. If your activities fail to meet our conditions, the bounty will not be afforded. The reason for denial will be specified in the “Bitcy Bounty Results” table.

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