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Investment plans

We propose 2 plans with daily profit
and principal back:

2,3% daily for 15 calendar days (0.0050 BTC - 0.2500 BTC)

2,6% daily for 25 calendar days (0.2500 BTC - 2.5000 BTC)

You can choose plan with hourly profit
and principal back:

0,13% hourly for 1440 hours (2.5000 BTC - 25.0000 BTC)

You can choose 3 plans with profit after 15-100 days, principal included:

155% after 15 business days (0.0250 BTC - 1.2500 BTC)

1200% after 60 business days (1.0000 BTC - 10.0000 BTC)

7000% after 100 business days (0.0500 BTC - 5.0000 BTC)

For VIP investors we have 2 VIP plans,
principal included:

550% after 20 business days (5.0000 BTC - 12.5000 BTC)

1700% after 40 business days (2.5000 BTC - 10.0000 BTC)

How to start earning with Bitcy?

Bitcy Limited is engaged in the creation of a unique multicurrency platform, which will ensure rapid and safe management of any monetary arrays. Invest your funds in the development of the platform and get the right to share the profits of a promising British company. Making a contribution now, you secure your future!

Joining us in four steps

To start cooperation with us, you need to create a personal account. The whole procedure will take you a few minutes.

  1. Start the registration. At the top right of the screen, click on "Register". The registration form will open. After having filled in the data, make sure that they are correct before sending.
  2. Login info. Enter the data to manage your account. Think of a unique login, a strong password and a secret question that will enable you to restore access to your account in case of loss. The answer must be known only to you.
  3. Personal info. Provide your personal information for contact with you: your full first and last names and e-mail. Please note that the data must be reliable. The information received by us is completely confidential and is not transferable to third parties.
  4. Completion of the registration. Check the box next to "I agree with Terms and Conditions". To complete the registration, click "REGISTER NOW!".

Congratulations, now you have your personal account! A simple and intuitively understandable interface will enable you to easily manage your balance. Become an active partner of the company and secure stable passive income for several years!

Creating a deposit in a few clicks

Bitcy Limited offers a modern way of passive income. Creating a deposit is the only action you are to make. After investing funds, you will only have to get profit.

How to create a deposit: five easy steps

  1. Sign in to your account. Enter your login and password to access your account. If you are on the site for the first time, go through a simple registration procedure: https://bitcy.biz/?a=signup. It will take a few minutes.
  2. Create a deposit. Click on "MAKE A DEPOSIT" and you’ll see a list of available plans with the percentage of profit.
  3. Choose a plan. Choose among eight plans the most profitable in your opinion. They are designed in such a way that everyone will find something suitable.
  4. Mention the amount. In the bottom field enter the amount of the deposit (from 0.05 BTC to 25 BTC, depending on the selected plan). You can enter it manually or choose among the recommended ones.
  5. Make a payment. Click on "INVEST" and the system will generate a unique address for funds transfer. Send the money and wait. The deposit will be created automatically after three confirmations of your transaction in the blockchain system.

After the successful creation of the deposit, the profit will be accrued to your balance according to the rules, depending on the chosen investment plan.

If you do not have BTC for investment you can earn them by participating in our Bounty program. Simply make reposts of the last three posts from our pages on Facebook and Twitter and very soon you will receive your first BTC. Personal experience is the best way to understand how our platform works. Remember that you can create any number of deposits at the same time and get income from each of them.

You can find out the details of the program by the link: https://bitcy.biz/?a=cust&page=bounty

Referral program from Bitcy Limited – earning without investment

Bitcy Limited offers three opportunities for earning: investment of funds, the Bounty-program and the referral program. Many choose the latter method since it does not require investment of funds and generates good income on a daily basis. Register new users and get 7-2 % from each of their investments. You can also become a representative of the company and then your income will be 10-2-1%. So, for example, if a referral invests $1000, the representative receives a bonus of $100.

How to earn on the referral program?

  1. Copy the referral link in your account going to the "Referrals" section
  2. Tell your friends about Bitcy's opportunities and send them your link
  3. Help new partners register and create their first deposits

Place our creative banners on your personal pages, sites and in communities to attract new users. Remember, the more people you register, the higher your passive income will be. Use your opportunities to the fullest!

Earning of profit

Earnings for your deposit will be added to your account as per the plan you chose to invest in. Your earnings are a figure, which includes both your principal amount and profits, which means that your principal amount will not be returned separately. The percentage of your earnings is depending from an amount of deposit. To calculate your earnings you can use our Profit Calculator.

Withdraw funds

To withdraw your earnings or referral commissions, go to the "Withdraw" section, fill in the withdrawal details, and click on the "Withdraw" button. Your withdrawal request will be processed in the fastest timeframe possible, as per the online availability of our support staff, it can be take from a few hours up to 72 hours.